A technique no longer needed

In my junior high-school days, I was very good at plotting complete ground weather maps from the set of broadcasting data that includes the direction and the level of wind force and the weather conditions of many fixed observation points as well as the coordinates of high atmospheric pressures and low atmospheric pressures with/without cold/warm front lines.

However, eventually, we will see the day when we need neither these minute details nor individual data of the weather forecast anymore. Because we can visually see the movement of those atmospheric bodies and the state of the cloud distribution in the TV weather forecast that was technically made feasible by the weather satellites orbiting around the earth. Already everything can be digitally processed and shown by the image data persuasive enough. My technique to produce weather maps will be no longer needed anymore.

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My business trips has been really cursed by typhoons. When I went to Hokkaido by a plane in September 2004, Typhoon No.18 came from the south of Kyushu and went up through Kyushu and veered right to the Sea of Japan where it regained its power, and finally struck Hokkaido in full force. My flight from Haneda Airport was behind schedule and the scheduling board said that the flight would turn back to the starting airport if the weather conditions did not permit landing on Shin-chitose Airport. The scenes I saw in Sapporo were staggering sights of rooted trees here and there. I was awe-struck by the tremendous power of nature.

Next week I flew to New Orleans, USA. That timing precisely matched with the onslaught of hurricane Ivan on the mainland of USA. My supposed arrival date was the forecasted landfall date of Ivan by American hurricane center. Until one day before my arrival date, the New Orleans International Airport was closed. It was a greatly perilous undertaking to go to New Orleans at that timing because one million people had already rushed out of town fearing the inundation that would drown the whole bowl-shaped city of New Orleans.

These events of yesteryear lingered on to this year. In September, I went to Orlando when the hurricane Rita had been headed toward Florida. I fear this kind of encounter will be repeated again and again.

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