IDEA MARKET (1): Wireless USB memory sharing

Yesterday morning I proposed an idea in the open, not confidential, questionnaire sheet for BUFFALO, a computer peripheral device company. If the idea was made into a real product, it would have the potential to change the business style forever, especially in the field of computer-assisted idea sharing among business people.

The idea is about a new type of wireless LAN client device of USB type which works with the wireless LAN server device that is one of main products of BUFFALO. My idea is to provide the USB memory feature with wireless LAN client devices, which would work as network drives sharable only within the wireless LAN domain defined by the wireless LAN server established, for example, in the conference room for the meetings to communicate among delegates from many competitive companies.

As you know, we are now taking tedious steps to exchange computer files in the conference room among business people via USB memory device; we must 1) insert a USB memory device into a computer, 2) copy necessary files onto the USB memory, 3) unplug the USB memory, 4) pass it on to others who, in turn, copy computer files on USB memory to their computers. If all the parties involved belong to the same company group, these bothering steps can be avoided; we can use the network sharing feature in the intranet environment. Now, my idea will be extremely effective for the environment where no network sharing feature is available or realistic; it will eliminate these cumbersome processes; we can exchange computer files among remotely identifiable localized network drives on USB memory spaces.

The important point of my new idea lies in the concept of localized network drives that are not connected to outside network and not reachable into the internal disks of other people's computers; the security is strictly confined within the temporarily established USB memory group network.

Although we must provide the authorization feature as the password protection that is valid during that specific conference time only, protected by this security, we can do file sharing work with time-saving efficiency.

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