New messages will be posted

I opened this page to get some response from someone for my questions about English usage, and have received no response so far. It dramatically slowed down my message posting pace. New blog features, however, are added recently to enable me to get detailed information about how many people visited my site when. I knew I was not alone. I promise to renew my effort to post new messages.

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My English blog restarts today.

I decided to renew my English blog because very nasty attacks on my English blog do not cease in any way.

My blog name is CUBE290. I'd like to write and record many events in my life in English. My favorites cover Culture, Usability, Books and English. CUBE was coined from these four items to include the widest range of visitors from all over the world. I especially like the viewpoints of international mutual understandings to communicate properly.

I'm working for an IT company in Japan as an usability engineer/consultant. And I am an active member of ISO TC159/SC4/WG5 (human-machine interaction) where usability and accessibility ISO standards are discussed and published as International Standards.

My TOEIC (English capability test) score is 945 points now, and I can do professional translation jobs from English to Japanese with ease in the IT field.

I’m also in the post-graduate course of the graduate school of Shizuoka University to get a doctor's degree in Usability.

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