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There is a traffic light with five lights in a row. I'm so used to see three-light signals at the traffic intersection in Japan. I didn't expect the number of lights were different in other countries. In the past, there was a problem of how to call them in Japan; they were once called Red, Blue, and Yellow; now they are called Red, Green, and Yellow. I don't remember exactly when they were changed to the international style. But the real problem lies in their color. As is widely known, for people with disabilities who cannot see the difference of red and green, red-green color blindness (anerythrochloropia), traffic lights are very problematic; they have to know 'go' or 'stop' by the position of the light! Fortunately, the positions of the traffic lights seem to be the same worldwide; the red light is placed in the left or the top of the signal for the horizontal style or the vertical style.

To my greatest regret, I didn't have a chance to check the meaning of the fourth and the fifth lights in this photograph. When I took this photogragh, I was on the road to the Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.

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It really is a shame that you weren't able to find
out what the bottom lights indicated.

Do you remember how the street was designed?
For instance, was there a street to the left
of the signals?

Since there's the text sign that reads "Yield on
Solid Green", the top three lights are
probably for merging into the right side road.
Possibly, there may be an right green arrow light
at the bottom for driving into that right lane;
in which case, the top two lights will show red for the main traffic.

The one above the possible green arrow, would then be either a flashing yellow
to signal the end of the green arrow or a red arrow to signify
that the merging traffic must halt.

投稿者: Luri (Mar 28, 2007, 12:03:00 AM)