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WWW(4): Things are different in LA?

When reading books, I sometimes encounter with many expressions that refer to the peculiarities in LA. Followings are two different examples.

Quoted from "Thief of Souls" written by Ann Benson:

"Apparently he doesn't need the spin; he's so well-respected for his skills that he's in big demand by producers and directors who want him to work on their movies."

"Dunbar," Spence admonished, "this is Los Angels. You cannot say movie around here. You have to say film."
In LA, I cannot say 'movie'; I have to say 'film'. Really?

Another example quoted from "State of Fear" written by Michael Crichton:

There was a pause. "How much do you weigh?" "Peter, you never ask a lady that question, especially in LA." "We're not in LA."
Peter Evans and Sarah Jones were heading for a base camp in Antarctica. They stopped their vehicle at the dangerous place when their vehicle started sliding down into a crevasse. Sarah was still in the vehicle when she regained consciousness, but Evans was thrown out of it and was immobilized with his body trapped between ice walls 1.5m below the vehicle. Sarah tried to lift Peter up out of the ice wall by her ropes. Peter was anxious if she could lift a man up far heavier than she could.

Why cannot I ask a woman about her weight, especially in LA?

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I think not only LA, but all around the globe. This is a very sensitive question to ask a lady. (^^)As you know, girls are very serious or i should say concern about their weight. So, it would not be nice to ask a lady this question. It's like asking a short guy, how tall you are. (><)

投稿者: Makkuro (Jan 8, 2008, 10:27:11 AM)

Thank you for your comment. Of course, I know it is not a kind of decent thing for me to ask a lady about her weight. What I’d like to know is why she, Sarah Jones in this case, used the phrase “especially in L.A.” I suppose she won’t talk any meaningless thing when they are in a mortal danger of life and death; one thing that came into my mind, however, is that the phrase was probably used to ease the tension at such a perilous situation.

投稿者: cube290 (Jan 9, 2008, 11:15:33 PM)